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Security is top priority when managing any large scale operation. Our security software gives a unique approach to visualizing security permissions configured in your CX platform. 

Want a higher CX platform uptime?

Implementing a tight security model in your CX plartform is important if you want to stabilize your CX platform. Fewer users will have excessive access, which in turn leads to fewer mistakes. All of this contributes to attaining a higher uptime.


Get started, by selecting which user or team's access you want to review. See an immediate visual tree of what that person or team can access.


Overlay safe to at-risk colors to immediately see when someone has excessive granted access than they need.

Visualize the CX platform security in use like never before.

Export existing permissions as Infrastructure-as-Code scripts.


Select, modify and assign security permissions using a simplified interface.

Or, import Excel Spreadsheet to assign permissions.

Need to clone permissions for entire business units? No fear, create reusable templates and apply these to multiple business units cloning the same permission model, time and again.

Implement a better security model!

The security in your CX platform is an important aspect of attaining a high platform uptime. With a more comprehensive security model in place, fewer detrimental mistakes can be made. But how do you go about this?

Permission Manager

Select, visualize and fix your complex security model as never before.

Export the existing security mode, and import it back into different enviroments, or even the same environment for a different business unit.

Save hundreds of hours to fix the untouched bastion of your CX platform.

Technical Information


System Requirements


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A wider range of supported platforms is currently being implemented. For more information contact us and we would be happy to let you know about the progress and expectations.

Yes, deleted configurations can be recovered and re-introduced to the system.

Yes, our software can authenticate using your existing people management software.