Get a better understanding of your CX platform. See changes in our easy-to-understand interface that still gives you high-level context when you need it most.

Are you ready to audit?

Find faults 50 times faster by using eemaan Auditing. Reduce recovery time and increase uptime by finding unwanted changes in your platform with ease. 1-Click Rollback lets you reverse changes immediately.


Search and track changes with powerful search criteria. Search by Name, Type, Date, Author, IP Address and more.

Having millions of changes at your fingertips combined with good criteria lets you find problem changes in seconds.


See each change in full detail. Understand WHAT was changed, WHEN it was altered, WHO made it, WHERE the change originated from, and more.

See a side-by-side comparison of the OLD and NEW settings.


Rollback multiple changes using our 1-Click technology. Rollback works with any type of configuration object in your CX platform giving you superior control.

Don't worry about losing context after a rollback, as we even Audit the rollback itself so you will always know exactly who triggered it.

Change management done right

A comprehensive Change Management Solution (CMS) for your CX platform. Track all types of configuration changes. Search for changes made by date, user, and object. Select unwanted changes and rollback securely in seconds.

Audit Trail Server

A powerful audit engine designed to track configuration changes in real time across all supported platforms. 

Our easy-start technology allows the audit engine to start tracking changes immediately without the need to build any ‘data stores’.

The audit engine is designed to capture and process millions of changes per hour, allowing it to work with even the largest CX platforms.

Dashboard Web Edition

A CX integrated sign-in process leads through to a powerful dashboard.

See and search all of your changes in a single-unified interface.  Search by any supported criteria.  Drill-down into precisely what setting what changed.

Select multiple changes for 1-click rollback.

With the same unified interface across all supported platform, tracking unwanted configuration changes has never been easier.

Dashboard Desktop Edition

The same functionality as the web edition but designed where web access may not be ideal.

Technical Information


System Requirements

Supported Databases


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A wide range of platforms is already supported.  More platforms are being added all the time. To find out which platforms are supported,  contact us and we would be happy to let you know about the progress.

Yes, any deleted configuration can be recovered and re-introduced back into your platform.

The basic audit functionality which exists in CX platforms is just an time-based audit log.

Eemaan Auditing is a purpose built CMS (Change Management System) built around a simple scaleable and platform agnostic architecture to track and report on all types of configuration changes. Rollback was designed into the platform from day 1.

Eemaan Auditing provides much more functionality than just an audit-log. Eemaan Auditing stands head and shoulders over the competitors products with these key features: (1)

  1. Scaleable to CX platforms with 100,000+ users.
  2. Immediate start-up time to tracking for even the largest CX platform is < 10 mins with no ‘data sync’ time require.
  3. Both old and new values are shown side-by-side to show you precisely what change was made.