Generate • Run • Repeat

Sometimes code is better. Create powerful infrastructure-as-code scripts to perform actions within your CX platform. Migrate configuration between CX platfortms. Break through the barriers and seize control.

When the going gets tough, get Scripting!

All CX platforms offer an abundance of features tied in with an overwhelming anount of platform management. Our Infrastructure-as-code product is used in many of the largest CX platform operators globally, who leverage this to make and manage hundreds of thousands of changes per day, every day with perfect accuracy.


Infrastructure as code is the secret to managing the ever powerful CX platforms. With millions of configuration settings to manage, there is no simpler way. Whether you're assigning skills to ten thousand agents, modifying five hundred DNs, or migrating configuration between CX platforms, a low-code script is the way to go.

Eemaan Scripting is an industry proven technology in managing CX platforms in all sizes, from 100 to over 100,000 agents.


Execute the script at the command-line, through a web application or REST API, the result is the same.

At Eemaan we believe action is not enough, a guaranteed action is better. All of our products are designed to provide detailed information about the execution and show what steps were successul, and which failed. Combine this with rollback and you have a fail-safe process.


Run those machine generated or hand crafted Infrastrcuture as Code scripts time and again. Check into any source control system for full accountability.

Leverage the platform agnostic and repeatable nature of scripts to run time and again.

Platform Management done right!

A comprehensive scripting Cross-Platform Language (XPL) is designed to simplify CX platform management. Since 2009, it's revolutionised how large scale CX platform operators manage their platforms.


Export a snapshot of your configuration from any support CX or other platform.  Output in a simple human-readable format. Use wildcards to select and export a portion or the full CX platform.

Transform the output and introduce environment settings.

Plan to restore into the platform,  or any other CX platform. Yes, migrating configuration between platforms has never been easier!


Allow scripted changes to be executed in any CX platform environment.

Leverage accuracy and speed to achieve 100% accurate configuration entry in seconds using infrastrucure as code.

Create platform agnostic scripts, without the limitations of IDs (DBIDs and UUIDs) present in all CX platforms.  All inter-links and dependencies are automatically handled by Eemaan Scripting.

Scripting Runtime Service

Access all of our Scripting functionalty from anywhere using our REST API. 

Embed the REST API in external systems from Jenkins to Ansible to your own custom code.

Technical Information


System Requirements

Supported Databases


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A wider range of supported platforms is currently being implemented. For more information contact us and we would be happy to let you know about the progress and expectations.

Yes, deleted configurations can be recovered and re-introduced to the system.

Yes, our software can authenticate using your existing people management software.