The who, what and why behind eemaan

Who is running the show?

Our founders and partners. Read about their stories and how they’re a part of our journey.

Abid Rashid


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Mohammed Malik

Director Technical Services

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Dilip Tailor

Director Business

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Our story & focus

Founded in 2003, we are a bootstrapped, profitable, and conservatively managed company. We focus on world-class innovative engineering and customer service. Our goal isn’t to solve everything related to CX platform management but to focus specifically on delivering “best-in-class” DevOps software solutions to our clients. Our founders are former Genesys solutions architects and integrators; they have worked firsthand with Genesys as boots on the ground. With their vast experience using Genesys and working directly with customers, Eemaan has built solutions to common problems faced by everyone in the CX management world.

One of the main issues people face when working with complex CX platforms is diagnosing problems quickly. In 2007, Eemaan Auditing was built to reduce fault-finding times as much as possible. When consulting on enterprise and mid-sized Genesys Engage contact center environments, our founders quickly understood how important it was to have a tool that could easily monitor and manage changes on a large scale. As was too often the case, an unplanned change would lead to failure in services that was hard to pinpoint. And the usual question would be asked: “Has anybody made any changes?” which was always met with a resolute “No.” We knew this never was the case, and Auditing proved it when deployed. The ability to instantly jump to breaking changes in the environment made life easier and let people focus on what really mattered.

The cornerstone of good software is testing and quality assurance. After Auditing was built, we needed to test it. We found that generating millions of changes in a CX environment was not a simple endeavor. This gap in our toolset was quickly filled by Eemaan Scripting. We had a simple set of requirements for the initial concept: versatility, usability, and reliability. We wanted to be able to make simple changes but also have the room to make complex changes down the line. We also needed it to be used by people who were familiar with basic coding and also people who were able to use scripting to build advanced solutions. Finally, we needed it to be reliable and give us feedback on both its successes and failures while executing. These simple parameters helped us build one of the first Infrastructure as Code solutions on the market for CX platforms.

At each stage of developing a new product, we looked at the issues our clients were facing and took the initiative to design and develop a new product. Our clients’ success is our success, and as we have successfully contributed to increased uptime of our client CX platforms, we have grown at an incredible rate. The entire team at Eemaan is dedicated to providing the best software solutions and customer support to our clients wherever we can. With Eemaan on your side, you can rest assured that you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a team who cares about your success.

And the future

Recently, we have branched out into a new era of cross-platform support for other leading CX platforms such as Amazon Cloud, Genesys Cloud, Nice, and many more. Along with the recent decision made by Genesys to solely focus on and invest in Cloud, we are the ideal company to help any existing CX platform migrate to Genesys Cloud or any other platform of their choosing.