Collect • Consolidate • Report

Managing a large number of employees can be overwhelming. Licensing simplifies the process of understanding your environment accurately. Reports enable you to easily review the resources being utilized.

When accurate license usage matters!

Eemaan Licensing provides an unrivalled accuracty in usage metrics for the Genesys Engage CX platform. Core configuration and core statisitics are both obtained directly from the Engage platform ensuring what is happening on the ground is what is reported in the reports.


Source the actual configuration from the CX platform for an up to date picture. Gather usage statistics from the CX platform. Adapt to real-time changes in users and services.


Formulate metrics based on types of license. Process and store the licensing data in a simplified and consolidated database.


Report on license usage with your CX platform based on metrics defined as part of Genesys LRM.

License usage done right

A comprehensive license tracking solution for the Genesys Engage platform. Capture metrics with ease and unrivalled accuracy.

Licensing Manager

Core license tracking engine which utilises the Genesys CX platform to the fullest.  Unlike competitor solutions which attempt to calculate the metrics with insufficient data, we use the Genesys CX platform itself to provide the statistics.  The magic is to monitor the CX platform and update the statistics as the configuration changes in real-time.

Report Designer Tool

Use the canned SQL reports provided with Licensing Manager, or modify and generate your own reports.

A complete solution in one.

Technical Information


System Requirements

Supported Databases


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A wider range of supported platforms is currently being implemented. For more information contact us and we would be happy to let you know about the progress and expectations.

Yes, deleted configurations can be recovered and re-introduced to the system.

Yes, our software can authenticate using your existing people management software.