Choose the industry's most flexible CX platform management suite

Who said CX platform management had to be hard?

With eemaan, you can trust that you’ve found top-tier CX platform management. Our systems empower you to achieve more with less effort. We take care of all your needs, from automating repetitive tasks to logging every small change in the platform. Our aim is to make platform management effortless for you, so you can focus on what you do best. With eemaan, you’ve got the confidence that comes with a reliable, user-friendly platform management system.

CX Platform Insight

Our monitoring and reporting tools provide a convenient way for you to gain greater insight into your CX environment from any location, at any time.

Change Management

Get a better understanding of your CX platform. See changes in our easy-to-understand interface that still gives you high-level context when you need it most.


A CX integrated sign-in process leads through to a powerful dashboard. See and search all of your changes in a single-unified interface. Search by any supported criteria. Drill-down into precisely what setting what changed.


Generate in-depth reports on how your platform is managed. They say knowledge is power, so isn't it time you harnessed the power of your CX platform by understanding what precisely is happening.

CX Environment Access Management

Limit access to certain features of your CX platform within your organisation with easy to use interfaces. Remove the complexity in the user experience by designing custom interfaces.

Build your own interface

Design and build your own interface. Choose exactly what aspects of your platform users can view or modify. Eliminate complexity and promote simplicity.

Simple permission management

Security is top priority when managing any large scale operation. Our security software gives a unique approach to visualizing security permissions configured in your CX platform.

Future proof

Be confident that the security you have setup now will be robust into the future. Our security software is designed to give you assurance that you have made a change designed to last.

CX Infrastructure Automation

Automate repeated tasks so that your team can focus on what really matters. 

Data Migration

Package and promote configuration between environement with pinpoint accuracy. With full validation post migration and automatic rollback, you can sleep easy knowing that the expected result is achieved.


Keeping your CX platform environments synced can be a headache. Our Synchronization software removes the hassle and replaces it with simplicity. Forget stare-and-compare, it’s time to visualize those differences!

Installation management

Build, expand, and update your CX platform with an easy-to-use infrastructure-as-code system. Designed to be user-friendly and straight forward, our system takes the complexity out of managing your software upgrades.


Sometimes code is better. Create powerful infrastructure-as-code scripts to perform actions within your CX platform. Migrate configuration between CX platforms. Break through the barriers and seize control.


Run those machine generated or hand crafted Infrastructure as Code scripts time and again. Check into any source control system for full accountability. Leverage the platform agnostic and repeatable nature of scripts to run, time and again.

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