Save time, money, and manpower by automating repeated tasks in your CX platform. With automation, the only limit is your imagination.

Take advantage of speed, accuracy and repeatibility

Design resilient tasks and pipelines to carry out the most arduous tasks in seconds with complete accuracy. And with the in-built validation receive a 100% accurate view of whether the process has been executed as planned. In the event of a failure, confidently revert back to the pre-execution state without any hesitation.


Automation allows businesses to streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic and high-value activities.

By incorporating CI/CD pipelines into your platform management, get ready to benefit from accurate execution, faster processing and in-depth reporting on the execution.


An executed process is only as good as the results. But how do you know if a completed process has been successful?

As part of the process, Eemaan Automation provides pipeline validation, which presents a clear indication of the successful changes made and also identifies any unsuccessful changes.


Rollback offers a safety net when things do not go as planned.

Get automated and manual rollback right out of the box. So if the pipeline didn't execute as planned, the entire pipeline can be recovered to the pre-execution stage in seconds.

Automate with CI/CD pipelines

All CX platforms require day-to-day management. Whether this is promoting new configurations to higher environments, or resetting often-used settings. Introducing the concept of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) into your CX platform management not only simplifies but reduces the risk of mistakes. All of this leads to higher uptime for your 24x7x365 CX platform.

Changeset Calculation Engine

The secret formula in the mix.  The Changeset Calculation Engine’s primary function is to optimize the changes transmitted to the destination environment. By doing so, it effectively minimizes disruptions and delays in the traffic directed towards the destination environment.

Our Changeset Calculation Engine ensures that not only do we achieve what the pipeline intends to do but to deliver it in the most optimized manner possible.  We guarantee that no competing product can execute the sample pipeline in fewer steps or in less time.

Data Migration Service

This manages the whole pipeline execution.  With close connectivity to Jenkins/Ansible and other orchestration tools, its possible to implement a complete CI/CD pipeline in hours saving days worth of effort.

Our Data Migration Service not only overlooks the execution, but also provides a detailed report showing the final execution outcome.

Validation and Rollback Engine

We believe it’s time to refresh the traditional saying, “All pipelines are equal, but some pipelines are more equal than others.”

Our automation tool surpasses the competition by offering unparalleled features. With built-in validation and rollback capabilities, it sets itself apart from the rest.

Upon pipeline execution, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the successful changes and any unsuccessful ones. This level of transparency is unmatched by any other tool in the market.

Furthermore, if the outcome doesn’t meet your expectations, our automated (or manual) rollback feature allows you to swiftly revert your destination environment to its pre-execution state within seconds.

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