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Software and hardware is the foundation of your CX platform.  See when your CX platform is at-risk with regular health reports. Be notified when CPU, Memory and Storage is running low so you can mitigate platform failure before it happens.

When the big picture matters!

A CX platform is composed of a large variety of disparate technologies working in unison. Any of a variety of issues such as low disk storage, over heating CPU, out of memory, non-responsive URLs and more can contribute to a failing CX platform. Eemaan Health helps mitigate potential failures by providing a comprehensive report. See all of your plaform components in one place. See the big picture!


Gather information from all the distinct components of your CX platform. Reach out to your Hardware, Operating System, Software, Web Services and more. Capture and store the health data in a simplified and consolidated database.


Report on your consolidated platform and see when the limits are reached.
- Server: CPU Usage / Disk Storage / Free Memory (RAM), etc.
- Application: CPU Usage / Memory Usage / State, Primary/Backup, etc.
- Web: URL State / Response


Take advantage of the comprehensive report generated by our system analysis tools, which provides critical insights into any potential hazards that may compromise your CX platform's overall performance. By proactively addressing these vulnerabilities, you can increase the stability and reliability of your platform and minimize any potential downtime.

A healthy platform means successful CX

A comprehensive health tracking solution for your CX and virtualization platforms.

Health Manager

Acquire essential data from your virtualization platform and superimpose it onto your CX platform. Display pertinent figures with patterns that demonstrate the possible decline of specific CX features.

Technical Information


System Requirements

Supported Databases


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A wider range of supported platforms is currently being implemented. For more information contact us and we would be happy to let you know about the progress and expectations.

Yes, deleted configurations can be recovered and re-introduced to the system.

Yes, our software can authenticate using your existing people management software.